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Professional African-American Women

Bold, Bright, & Becoming

There are an estimated 600,000 single African-American women in the United States that are looking for love and or casually datings in search of Mr. Right. Many of these women are college educated with at least a BA, BSc degree or higher and have no children and have never been married. Despite the stats, this minority within a minority find themselves seeking love, romance, and relationships both ith the African-American Community and outside of it.


Lonely, Discreet, & Shameless

Over 15% of women registered on Singles Dating Sites are actually married.  Many of these women are unhappily marrid and choose to have Casual Encounters instead of a complete extra-marital relationship.  Affection,being appreciated, and loved are the motivations for many of these women to risk it all to be acknowledged. 


Hype vs Reality

Despite the popularity of The Swirl, the endeavor is a goal but not a reality when it comes to actual numbers. According to the United States Census and several other recent studies, only about 4% of African-American Women that are married are actually married to someone other than an African-American Male. When it comes to African-American Men married to women of other races is twice that amount at 8%. The majority of African-American men and women actually date and marry within their race with about 28% of that population dating outside of it as of 2017 and 37% dating interracially within their lifetime. However, more often than not African-American men and women end up with someone within their own race for long-term relationships or marriage.


Interracial Lust

The QUEENS OF SPADES (QoSis a community that consists of usually married Caucasian Women that may or may not have spousal approval to date or sleep with African-American Men. It is not uncommon for the husband to encourage the wife to sleep with these men that are classified as Black Bulls or Studs for sex only, These Africam-American Men may also have an endorsed classification of Boyfriend by the wife and husband.


Bold, Bright, & Becoming

The Madison Avenue Beauty of the 1960's has new competition when it comes to the appeal of the modern Big Beautiful Woman. Sought by more and more men in recent yeas, these women have become the latest desired female when it comes to physical features and endowments for an increasing number of men.


Relieving Tension

One recent study suggests that women actually masturbate more than men.  It is estimated that over 65% of females fondle themselves or masturbate at least once a month.  The information also implies that marital status is not a factor in determining probability.  Aoother survey conduted by The Center of Sexual Behavioral Studies asserts that an estimated 65 million American women masturbate annually with most being under the age of 25 or over the age of 45.  The assumption would be that the women between the age range are being sexually satisfied more often by their partner. 



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